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4 Color 1000ml ink CMYK no white, for Anajet mPower and Ricoh Ri Printers.

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Product Details
1000ml ink of CMYK no white, for Anajet mPower and Ricoh Ri Printers.
4 Liters of 1000ml inks of CMYK no white.
1000ml ink for Anajet Mpower MP5/MP10 and Ricoh Ri3000 and Ri6000
Truly the best color gamut we've ever seen. In fact, it's everything you've been asking for in DTG ink.

Compatible with the following garment printers: Anajet Mp5, Anajet Mp10, Ricoh Ri3000, and the Ricoh Ri6000. Also compatible with any printer using Ricoh Heads including the DTG G4, M&R Maverick, M&R iLink and mLink printers.

The Textile Ink for Ricoh engines is engineered to be durable and intense in color output making it the best choice for professional DTG printers.

fabric inks leverage proprietary ink dispersion technology with a 20-year history of ink development and manufacture, bolstered by decades

of coating technology. The result is an exceptionally large color gamut, a more reliable high-quality image with outstanding shelf life with a soft,

natural feel, as well as better in-printer performance.

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